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For a full install, 2 bundles is needed for lengths up to 16".  For 18-24" 3 bundles is recommended, and for 26-30" 4 bundles is recommended.


2.) How long does the hair last?

Virgin hair can last up to 12 months with the proper care.


3.) How much does the hair weigh?

Each bundle weighs 3.5-4 oz


4.) What color does the hair come in?

The hair comes in natural colors only, dark brown/off black.  If you have worn weave before, the hair will match a 1B or 2, but can be colored to any color that you choose by taking the hair to a professional. The hair color you receive depends on the color of the donor. SPECIFIC COLOR CAN NOT BE REQUESTED, virgin hair must be customized to meet your needs. Please refrain from asking for a specific color. If the hair does not match your color exactly, it can very easily be colored to your satisfaction.


5.) Do you offer wholesale?

No, not at this time.


6.) Do you seal the wefts before shipping?

No, the wefts will ship to you unsealed.


7.) What is the difference between Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, & Cambodian?

Brazilian hair is the most popular because it is very soft, thick, and blends with most hair textures.

Cambodian hair is very similar to freshly relaxed hair texture.

Peruvian hair is also very similar to freshly relaxed hair and has a coarse texture, yet is very soft.

Indian and Malaysian hair are very luxurious, have soft textures, and high density.  They are very versatile and match most hair textures.


8.)  Do you ship overseas?

Currently shipping is limited to the United States.


9.) What are your hours?

Enjoy online shopping 24/7! 


10.) How long does it take to ship?

Shipping typically takes approximately 5-7 business days to ensure accuracy and proper processing of your order. Orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail. After the order ships, it will take an additional 1-3 days to receive your order. please allow 8-10 business days to receive your order. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.


11.) What is "virgin" hair?

Virgin hair has never had any chemicals alter it like color, relaxers, or perms.  Therefore, it can be customized very easily to your specific needs.


12.) How do I take care of the hair?

Shampoo and deep condition the hair every 1-2 weeks using Silk Hydration by L. Jones products.  Hair can be blown dry or air dry.


13.) How many bundles come with my purchase?

Each bundle is sold separately. To get more than one bundle with your order, increase the quantity on the drop down.