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About us


 L. Jones (LaToya Jones) is a professional hairstylist from Birmingham, AL.  Her career however, did not start out that way.  LaToya attended The University of Alabama where she received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  After spending a few years in corporate America, LaToya decided to step out on faith and ditch her career to pursue her passion for hair.  Within a few short years, she gained enough clients to get her own salon.  She prides herself on keeping her client's hair healthy which lead her to only performing services which do not damage the hair, including sew-ins.  While learning about sew-ins LaToya also learned about all of the different types of hair, which led to her forming her own hair collection.   

LaToya has not looked back since leaving her corporate America career.  Since becoming a licensed cosmetologist, LaToya has also created a popular blog (, started her own hair care line (Silk Hydration by L. Jones), written her first ebook (All Hair Can Be Good Hair),  and now has her hair collection.  She also has a couple of other projects that she is currently working on.  LaToya is very much loving her decision to turn her passion into her career. 

On top of all of her career success, she is also a wife and mother.  LaToya believes that when you keep God first all things are possible.  Her message to everyone is to follow your dreams and never think they are too big to be achieved!